refraction ( ... in breath )

october 30, 2020 | GOJO residency | curated by Sarah Bushra

betelhem abebe | dawit seto | eyob teshome | hamdiya sherif
solomon kifle | yasmin abdu bushra

Refraction is an exhibition-in-progress presenting the works of six resident artists, betelhem abebe, dawit seto, eyob teshome, hamdiya sherif, solomon kifle, and yasmin abdu bushra following their creative and collaborative process during the inaugural residential program that took place from Aug-Sep 2020. Contemporary Nights is excited to launch the process driven, collaborative centered exhibition curated by sarah bushra. Refraction, an exhibition-in-progress exists connected and fractured across various online and physical forms, one of these spaces is the following viewing room. The exhibition, as a moving showcase, traveling across media, and through time (as a work in-progress), relates to the current migration of art, as a tidal wave towards the virtual culture. Mapping the fissures of art and exhibition making in addis ababa, in the time of the 2020 pandemic and protest, refraction is born.